Contact Info

Principal Investigator: Charlyn Partridge, PhD


Phone: 616-331-3989

Address: 740 W. Shoreline Dr., Muskegon, MI 49441


Syndell Parks, MSc

Graduate Students

MSc Student: Maggie Petersen; Thesis: Examining the effects of microplastic pollution on aquatic wildlife

MSc Student: Meg Sanders; Thesis: Development of airborne eDNA methods for early detection of hemlock wooly adelgid.

MSc Student: Ben Giffin; Thesis: Use of PMA for detection of fecal indicator bacteria using qPCR

Current Undergraduate / Summer Students

Kathryn (Kate) Geller (GVSU-AWRI Summer Student & SE + student ): Exploring differential gene expression of baby’s breath seedlings from sand dunes and sagebrush steppe environments.


Lab Alumni (Graduate Students)


MSc Student: Sarah Lamar, Thesis: Invasive history of baby’s breath (Gypsophila paniculata throughout North America. Completed July 2019

Where is she now: Working on her PhD at the University of Victoria – Wellington in New Zealand

MSc Student: Hailee Leimbach-Maus; Thesis: Genetic analysis of invasive baby’s breath populations in the northwest Michigan dunes system. Completed July 2018.

Where is she now: Working for he Bureau of Land Management in Spokane, WA


Lab Alumni (Undergraduate Students)

Leona Addie (GVSU-AWRI Summer Student Intern): Identification of fungal infections in western US G. paniculata populations.

Alex Florian (GVSU-S3 scholar): Influence of alternative reproductive tactics on population growth estimates of invasive round gobies.

Steve Smit (CIGLR Summer Research Fellow): Relationship between genetic diversity and presence of alternative reproductive tactics in round gobies.

Alexis Hoskins (AWRI-GVSU Student Intern, 2018): Population genetics of wild lupin across Michigan. Where are they now: Finishing up her degree at GVSU

Marisa Yang (REU Student, 2017): Genetic characterization of different  G. paniculata color morphs in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore (check out Marisa’s recently accepted paper on the publications tab). Where are they now: Research Scientist at Prime Roots Food, an alternative meat startup that is developing meat alternative from fungi!!!

Emily Dusicska (AWRI-GVSU Student Intern, 2017): Development of Microcystis spp. standards for qPCR targeting the 16S, mycD, and PC operon.

McKenna Burns (REU Student, 2016): Characterization of seed development of G. paniculata in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Matt Kienitz (AWRI-GVSU Student Intern, 2016): Assessment of G. paniculata in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore .

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