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My name is Charlyn Partridge and Assistant Professor at Grand Valley State University – Annis Water Resources Institute. My research focuses on understanding how ecological and genetic factors influence selection processes in natural populations. The advent of low-cost, high-throughput sequencing has opened the way for ecologists to participate in one of the most exciting periods for genomic research. With these advances, we can now examine the genetic mechanisms that influence how species respond to changing ecological conditions. My work encompasses both field and laboratory work and employs a variety of behavioral, molecular, and genetic techniques to address questions related to: (1) invasive species management, (2) sexual selection and alternative mating strategies, and (3) adaptation to global climate change.

Lab Updates!

January 2019

  • Congrats to Sarah Lamar on her Michigan Botanical Society Grant!

October 2018

  • The lab received a Catalyst Grant from the Center for Creative and Scholarly Excellence at GVSU! This money will be used to collect baby’s breath from invasive populations throughout the US.

April 2017

  • The lab is excited to announce that Sarah Lamar will join us as a MSc student in the Fall of 2017!! Welcome Sarah!
  • We also would like to welcome Emily Dusicska (SciTech Summer Intern) and Marisa Yang (REU Summer Scholar) who will be working in the lab this summer.

December 2016

  • Our work on transcriptome profiles of bluegill sunfish ARTs was published in PLOS One.

November 2016

  • Our work on baby’s breath was recently highlighted in GV magazine! Check it our here:

September 2016

  • The lab welcomes our new MSc Student, Andrew Pyman. Andrew will be comparing methods for rapid detection of harmful algal blooms in Muskegon Lake and Bear Lake.

June 2016

  • The lab welcomes our new MSc student, Hailee Pavisich. Hailee will be examining the genetic structure of invasive baby’s breath populations along West Michigan.

May 2016

  • Welcome to Matt Kienitz who joined the lab as a undergraduate summer intern
  • Congrats to Ben Giffin for receiving a GVSU Presidential Research Grant!
  • I’m excited to announce that the lab received a EPA-GLRI grant to study invasive baby’s breath populations along West Michigan!



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